Tuesday, February 14, 2012

New Project

Are we surprised? This tea-cozy interests me. I am not a tea drinker, I drink coffee, but have several different size tea pots. I like my little red one, which I use when the wind blows that way.
Yes, I do drink tea, sometimes, but not as a rule. Tea gives me heart burn, except some herbal teas, which don't give me the same satisfaction as caffeine in tea and coffee does.

The yarns I am going to us are Lily Elite Cotton in Moss and Spearmint, Bernat Love Bug Baby Cotton in Doodle Bug Daisy, and Sugar 'n Cream in variegated turquoise, yellow, white, pink colors.

I am planning to work on this cozy a little bit at lunch, and then a little bit on a square for a teddy bear ghan, for HeartMade Blessings. The squares are 6" and pretty quick to make. I have tons of yarn that is suitable for a nice blankie for a little one.

I am very grateful for my gift of creativity.

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