Thursday, February 09, 2012

CED February 9

I have been creative every day, honest! I just forgot to come here and tell you all about my days.
It's been hectic for a few days. I have decided to clear my stash room, sort the yarns and put them in proper bins, instead of plastic bags, and grocery shopping bags (the ones you pay 99 cents for, plus tax, hah). I have a huge pile of them now, since I dumped the yarns from those bags on the living room floor. I bought several jumbo size plastic tubs that are now too big for the room that does not have any extra space. My organizing skills are very limited and that is one of the reasons why I feel overwhelmed, frustrated and somewhat depressed. What have I been thinking of buying all this yarn?

My creativity has been sorting yarns in type of yarn piles, color sorting will come after. I have also sorted yarns that will go to my friend, who knits for a hospital gift store. My HeartMade Blessings yarns are in two different tubs. One is for red, white, blue and amethyst colors, the other is for other colours, but also for that same organization. They collect squares for comfort afghans that can be any color but black.

The picture shows three latest ones, going in the mail either today or tomorrow. I have one more square almost finished, and perhaps I'll wait for that one and then get all four out for mailing.

I also made a drawing! Yippee. It was so relaxing to do after my frustrating yarn sorting. I might even plan to do drawing as soon as I feel depressed about my stash.


Sherri said...

Look at your drawing as a reward. One hour of sorting=drawing time :-)

Love the squares - great job!

Pirk said...

Thank You Sherri.
I will try to get thru this with bright colors.

Janet said...

Sorting and organizing can be such a challenge but I'm sure you'll get it done. And in your spare time (!!) you can do more wonderful drawings.