Monday, February 13, 2012

Continuing my creativity tale

More squares done, this one is the latest. Also for Heartmade Blessings org.

I am really excited about a blog I found, its Homemade Obsessions
and there are many, many exciting patterns. The above link directs you to
Coraline, the doll from the movie. I love how Sharon Ojala has created her. She also has a pattern for the cat, and Wybie doll, too. Many Amigurumi patterns as well. I cannot wait to make that Coraline doll. The best part is that I have the yarns to make her. I have yarns everywhere.

My own creativity has been constant. Clearing stash mess, making more mess. I now walk around boxes and piles of "what am I going to do with this". I thought that my organization skills would be better (was I ever wrong) but I stand at the door of my stash room (my second bedroom, and there is a futon bed somewhere) and pray that everything would clear by magic.
I cannot find the wand, it's covered by all my hoarded yarns. Hoarding is now a word for nightmares. I don't like to think that I have a problem, but looks like I do. I am in denial, and as soon as I admit this obsession being a problem, then it's the beginning to ... what? buying more yarn?

Creativity comes with this mess, I find yarns I forgot I had, I find started forgotten projects, and my inspiration is running wild. However, I cannot do everything at once. I decided to make blankets, just to use all the wonderfully colorful yarns that are also mixed with some plain yarns.
Oh, this mess is sometimes like therapy. Getting depressed, and then excited, what else is there to find?

I have some new projects started, and perhaps will be able to finish some in the near future. Hopefully Coraline will be among the new ones I will be starting soon. I am sure of new projects, since I have Startitis Syndrome, which is another obsession that I should clearly look into fixing it. My startitis isn't only knitting, it also includes crocheting and sometimes even drawing.
I think I might read a book tonight.


Janet said...

The Coraline doll is adorable! I'm sure you'll be able to create her with no problem.

I'm having the same "hoarding" nightmares about my studio. I clean and sort and there's still too much stuff in the room. Now it's time to get serious and start tossing things! But where do I begin!

Pirk said...

Hi Janet, I got distracted with many other stuff, the doll has to wait.

I started throwing things in the trash, even some yarn, can you believe it!!