Sunday, February 21, 2010

Sunday and laziness

I tried to drink coffee that was left on the burner on. EwEwEw. So a glass of milk tasted good, really!
I am having withdrawal symptoms, have not been visiting Purple Purl for quite a while. I miss the people there, comfy chairs, coffee, that I usually forget to drink, yarns that want to hide in my bag.

So, I decided to go and visit today, with my Ravelympic project, the blue socks. Perhaps I will find out what kind of yarn I am using, since I have totally forgotten the name of it.
So typical for me to forget to write down the yarns that I have.

Of course I could have been smart and write all that down in Ravelry, but didn't.

Saturdays are usually days when I do my weekly chores, like vacuuming, other cleaning, laundry, etc. etc. Guess what, all I did was draw zentangles, prepared lasagne, tomato salad, and tossed salad for dinner at my son's place.

The kids were wonderful, and I played with my grandson in the kitchen. He was sitting on the kitchen table, and had a keyring, with keys and a small truck attached. Well, his legs were mountains and I had to drive the truck up and down. There was a bridge between the knees. Sometimes the truck (and the keys) fell on the "floor", and then he wanted to show me how to do it. We did this for at least half an hour. "I'm having fun with mummi" (mummi is grandmother)
he told his dad. My grandson is 2 years and a few months old/young.

The sweetest thing was when he found out that I had brought French Fries with me for the kids,
He said: They are my favourites! and then he came and gave me a kiss and a hug, and "thank You Mummi". What a sweet child.

I am not going to make new coffee now, no, I am going to Purple Purl, and enjoy the coffee there.
I might even get a lemon square pastry. It's not THE lemon square, but I don't know the name for the ones they have, I usually just say "that lemon thingy, please" hah, and the girls know.
It's like heavenly manna, never tasted that one, but I have a vivid imagination. Not good for my figure, but it's Sunday, and I can do what ever I want on Sundays.
Mondays are good days to start watching what you eat. And then there is always another Monday, and another. I tried to start on a Wednesday, but that didn't work, Still waiting for the right Monday. Maybe tomorrow. But first I will have a lemon square thingy at Purple Purl.
It has a nice lemony cake and on top a lemony icing. I have to go now.

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Janet said...

OK, now you've got my mouth watering for "that lemon thingie" sounds delicious. Have fun at the Purple Purl. I still have my bag from there and use it all the time.

When you discover that perfect Monday will you let me know!!