Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Emergency Tools

How can I go anywhere without necessary tools for my knitting, or crocheting?

Well, this morning I was looking for a cable needle to go with my minuscule size knitting needles. All the ones I have are too fat. My needles are size 1.5 mm. It's less than 0 in American size.

What did I do? I collected some dull pointed tapestry needles, another size 1.5 mm needle (how many times am I going to mention "needle") (must count: 7) and then looked for a toothpick. Where do we keep toothpicks? Nowhere where I am looking. So, that will be a future idea, after going to the store and buying a whole package of them. I only need one, thank you. I wonder if they sell single toothpicks. Perhaps I should go out for lunch and get some from a restaurant.

I have tons of paperclips, small, coloured, big and huge. I picked the one that had approximately the same body type as my 1.5 mm needle: skinny. Opened the clip, made it more or less straight, and cut it in almost the middle to make two. With an nail file I smoothed the ends. Of course I don't have any nail polish handy to cover any roughness that the file didn't catch. I'll do it later at home. I came in dang early to work, an hour earlier than our office opens.

Oh, and the toothpick will be painted with nail polish, or some lacquer, if I have any at home.

Here are samples of my "cable needles" in emergency:


Janet said...

You're so clever and innovative! I would never have thought of those things.

Pirk said...

I have used twigs and straws too, but these were new inventions.