Friday, February 26, 2010

Knitter's exercise

Have you ever thought about how to squeeze in some healthy exercise when knitting?

When I was knitting these socks thoughts for exercises came to mind:

Knit some stitches
drop some
pick them back on the needle


drop a needle on the floor
pick the needle from the floor
not getting off the chair

knit some stitches

yarn ball falls on the floor
run after yarn (have to get off the chair)
pick the yarn ball


drop a needle on the floor
pick the needle*

Repeat ** 10 times.

Adding some important tips:

The shorter the fingernails are, the more difficult it is to pick the needle up from
the floor, thus creating more bending time, thus more stress movement for tummy muscles.

If you are knitting socks with very thin needles, and have some scrunched together stitches that
need to be separated after the cable stitches, it would be a good idea to have a slightly longer thumb nail to be used as a tool to separate the stitches. Trust me on this one. I am going to
make sure that my thumb nails are nice and somewhat pointy, just for the above reason.

Any other tips from my readers would be welcomed.

To clarify the above, I am knitting a sock with minuscule size needles and the stitches are
always very tightly together after the cables. Did I show you a picture of my sock start?
well, here it is, isn't she pretty?


Teresa in Virginia said...

HehHeheh, sounds like the only exercise I've been getting, here lately.

Pirk said...

At least we are getting some, LOL

Janet said...

I need you to think up some exercises for me to do while I do art!

Pirk said...


Organize your pens in sizes, and colors, if you have them.
put them on the highest shelf you have in your studio, or the furthest corner on your table.
In other words, you need to reach for each pen.
Don't forget to put the pen back where you took it from.

Same goes with your other materials. Don't keep them right beside you.