Thursday, February 11, 2010

February thoughts

Hello all,

If I don't mention this around Sunday, then Happy Valentines Day to all.
In Finland they call it Friendship Day, so I would like to Wish you all a
very warm Friendship Day!

Tomorrow is the start of the Olympics. I have some friends in Vancouver
(work related) and one of them sent me an e-mail telling that she and her boss
and another girl from the office went to see the dress rehearsal for the opening
ceremonies. Apparently the show is "spectacular" as she put it.

I have not decided what to do during the Olympics, but definitely a WIP program.
The evil head of Startitis is lurking in every corner, and guess what, I have, with me now,

two skeins of yarn, not used yet, and two WIPs, crochet WIP, scarf, and drawing
supplies. (oh, they don't have anything to do with this upcoming challenge).

I suppose my first choice would be to finish my granddaughter's dress, don't you think?
Second, something blue for my friend in Finland - get this, for her I was going to make
a lace scarf, then socks, then entrelac tote bag, then entrelac scarf, and now
I am thinking of socks. I think I am losing my mind. I am so happy that Monday is
a Family Day, and I can sleep in, and then knit.

Does anyone have a foolproof remedy for startitis, or indecisiveness syndrome?
Should I just start my life over again? I could do so many things differently.
For example get some clear plastic boxes and sort all my yarns in colors.
It's going to be an exciting night, I must decide what to make and watch The Mentalist, and then
Ghost Hunters. I miss the show Lie To Me I wonder what happened to it.

My drawing inspiration has come from hiding, and I've done a few zentangle drawings. I joined Zentangle group in Flicker, and have enjoyed looking at the artwork from members. Even if you are not interested in drawing, have a look at the marvellous, amazing and incredible zentangles in that group.
It is such an interesting area of artwork that I am just in awe to see different creations.

Be safe over there in snow-covered lands.
We have just a little bit here.


Megan said...

Just wanted to say thanks for the help over at my blog- it worked like a charm!!

I haven't had a bout with startitis yet. My problem is usually too many projects that I would love to knit but not enough time to start even one of them! Maybe that is just a different strain of the virus?! :)

Happy Friendship Day!! (Love that!)


Janet said...

If you figure out a cure for startitis be sure to let me know! My studio is filled with projects I've started and never finished.

I love The Mentalist! He's such a cutie! After you mentioned it I watched a few episodes of Lie to Me. I found them on but I don't know when it's coming back. It might just be on hiatus for now.