Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Should be knitting

I am on vacation until Monday. I was planning to knit socks with my newly learned technique, magic loop. I started my socks, yes, using Marks & Kattens "Clown" yarn in variegated greens and blues and other colors. (Funny, it says it's Swedish, but the label says it's made in Italy.) My pattern is "Seduction Socks" from Interweave Knits, designer is Ann Budd. It's funny, every time I want to make socks, most of the time I end up choosing her designs.
Not that I have made too many, but I pick her patterns first.

Oh, yes, my socks are not for the vacation section in "Summer 2008 Socks". I have to make another pair for that, but I have not decided on those socks yet. This pair is just a practice with magic loop technique.

Ok, enough with the socks, I have not touched the needles yet, as I was doing some embroidery stitches. The new stitch to learn is "Lazy Daisy Stitch" or "Detached Chain Stitch" . This is the group program in Stitchin fingers,

Take a Stitch on Tuesday (TAST)

I have been playing with my threads and canvas, and here are some things I made today (I am at learning stages so I am slow)

Now that I have nourished my embroidery needs for the day, I think I will go and do some damage on those socks,


find a pattern for my vacation project. Which I am going to start either today or tomorrow. I promise, but the picture will not follow, until August, when this section of the summer sock program is over.

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