Saturday, June 14, 2008

Kitting in Public

It was iffy, if I went today to that worldwide knitting event. My excuse was that I didn't want to sit on the grass, and if there were not enough benches, I would be then standing.
The other excuse was that my toe was hurting, but for some reason I found some antibiotic cream that helped. Also, I bought a lawn chair when I went to the mall. I had no more excuses. It was not even raining, the weather was quite nice.

I arrived to the park and settled down on my brand new chair. I donated the recommended $5.00 for breast cancer charity, and started crocheting pink ribbons. I managed to get 5 ribbon- look-a-likes and one freeformish swirl, that didn't want to form to a nice pin shape that these ribbons are presented. So I took that one with me and gave the other ones to Purple Purl that organized this location for the Worldwide Knitting in Public.

I am sure it was a fun event.

Here are some pictures:

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