Tuesday, June 10, 2008

More on embroidery

There is a needlework and woolshop in Scarborough. The store would be on my way home from work, if I took a detour.

Before I went there, I called the lady in the store, and told her that this time I will ask something that she will have.

(usually when I call her, if she has this or that, she doesn't). Sure enough, she had everything I asked, needles, canvas, the round thingy (hoof????), embroidery thread etc.

A friend of mine, in Sweden, had mentioned a book "Watermelon" by Marian Keyes. On the way to the needlework shop, I stopped in the bookstore that had that book. (I had called, to make sure they have it, so I wasn't wasting too much my valuable time that I was going to spend in that needlework shop).

I got the book, then drove to the wool shop. The lady had piled up some needful things for my new hobby. She was quite excited that I was interested in the embroidery field. She had even put a little Coats & Clarks Embroidery booklet for me. It has all kinds of stitches...just what I need.

I got some needles, thread, the booklet, a medium size (could be small) round thing, and then she gave me a mini round thing as a gift. I didn't buy any fabric.

It was stitching time then when I got home. And the picture on my post from yesterday shows what I did.

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