Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Wednesday Shopping

I have had some time off from my Campanula socks, because I have to do the short row heel part, and I have not done it ever before. I'll practice tonight. I finished socks that I had started a long time ago. The yarn is Kroy.

The yarn picture is my shopping that I didn't want to do.

My friend, Carol, came to town today. She lives in Mississippi.
Let me tell how smart my day was.

I took the subway to downtown, near the "hotel where" Carol and her Hubby were staying. I went to the hotel, and since I was early I bought a coffee, sat in the lounge area and started knitting. I always carry something with me. I started getting a little anxious, because I didn't see my friend arriving at the set time.
Well, I waited, and waited, and finally my phone rang. It was Carol: "did you give up on me" she asked. I told her where I was, and finally we realized I was in the wrong hotel. How many Marriott hotels there are here? Well, now I know: two.

Finally, after some walking and phone calls, I saw her walking towards me. It was such a nice feeling to meet a friend whom I have met only once before.

We went to have a coffee and cinnabun (sp?) at the Eaton's Center, and from there we went to get a streetcar (bus - as my friend called it). We arrived at Romni Wools, and spent about 15 minutes at the doorway, just looking at the different knitting needles and things that were in that area. Finally I was able to convince her to go and see the rest of the store. Carol was very impressed and overwhelmed, but was able to buy some nice yarns.

I had decided not to buy anything, since my stash is quite large. I only bought four balls of yarn. Only, haha, the yarn made a big dent in my cash balance.

We went to eat at "I heart" Sushi" restaurant, a few blogs east from Romni. The lunch was excellent. I had chicken stir fry type stuff on rice, Carol had sushi and some rice thingies. Don't ask me, I don't know anything about Sushi foods.

We started back to the hotel, took the "bus" (=streetcar) to as close to the hotel as we could. Yeah, right. We had about 4 blocks to walk. Now that I think about it, we could have taken the subway, but no, we walked, which was better for Carol, she saw more of our city that way. She treated us for Bubble tea, which was the first time for both of us. It was a fun drink, and I am glad I had a taste of it, now I know.

It was a great day


Sherri said...

I'm so glad you had fun. I heart Sushi is my favourite place - love the sushi pizza.

Your yarn looks wonderful too - Kaffe Fasset no less!

Pirk said...

You know, I didn't realize it was Kaffe's design, until I saw the price and started looking at the label. I fell in love with the colors.
Carol loved the lunch she had, so it was a good place for her.

Janet said...

Well, it sounds as if you had a fun day yarn shopping. I love that Kaffe Fassett yarn.

Now I must know....what is Bubble Tea? I've never heard of it!

Pirk said...

Here is a recipe for bubble tea:

Carol said...

It was a fun day but way too short. It had been a little over a year since I had seen Pirk but it was like no time passed.

I sure wish she and I lived closer together.

The yarn shop was absolutely amazing and I Heart Sushi is one of the best sushi restaurants I have ever been to.

I'm going to make sure I get to Toronto again as soon as about 1/2 of the people who are there go away for a week. Holy cow the Toronto area is crowded

Pirk said...

It was a great day, Carol. Next time spend more time here.