Friday, September 14, 2007

Drawing and scarf

Well, the scarf is just being born. It should be done by tomorrow. I might be able to do quite a bit at lunch, since it looks like we are not playing cards. Even so, the scarf is just with sc stitches, so it's not going to take my time to read any patterns. It's going to be a freeform scarf.

The picture here is of a lonely boat. I was using the watercolor pencils, but didn't water the drawing, that is why it's sitting on a dry land.

I don't like the watercolor pencils any more. They make a mess (or I make a mess when applying water). I think that a normal brush and the color palette would be nicer. Not sure, but for now I will use other media to cover some areas on a paper. I have oil pastels, pastels,
Conte crayons, charcoal, acrylic paints and some oil paints. Should be enough to mix all together and add some yarn ends from the scarf I am making right now. That's it, I have a project for the weekend. AFTER I finish the Campanula socks. Arghhh, I have been too busy drawing that forgot all about my knitting.

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Janet said...

I use the watercolor pencils but I actually wet my brush and then touch it to the pencil to get some color and then onto the paper. I like the boat. It has good lines and form. I'm so happy that you're drawing!