Tuesday, September 11, 2007


It would be interesting to see how much, if any, I will improve with this drawing challenge. We are drawing one picture per day. I found this project from Janet's blog.

I got carried away last night. However, I am sure I will have days that I don't draw anything. My self criticism sometimes blocks my enthusiasm. Like one time when I had happily painted a scenery, with a red road, some hills and water in the background (real exciting stuff), and one artist told me that my painting was very amateurish. Oops. I never claimed to be a professional artist/painter.

The above drawings are more or less just doodling and holding a pencil against the paper, and if the pencil slides across, that's fine. I do not believe I should stop
just because I think I am an amateur. I have grown a little bit from those days (that was about 22 years ago).

I have taken courses at Ont. College of Arts and Designs, as well one course at York University. At YU I had the most wonderful instructor, Artist Yvonne Singer. I still think that she had a great influence in my creative pursues.


Janet said...

I think sometimes when other people criticize in a hurtful way it's because they're jealous. Don't listen to them! You are not amateurish! These are all good. I see a mermaid in the colored image. Fantastic!! I hope you keep drawing. Just let that pencil slide across the paper anywhere it wants to go!!

Pirk said...

Thanks, yes, she's a mermaid. She had eaten a little bit too much fish (G). I drew another two last night, but have to scan them first.