Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Blobs and Smudges

I watched the video, I mentioned yesterday, and started thinking that I should do some mindless art work. That is: no goal, just let the colors do their thing.

First I had to spend at least half an hour in my stash room looking for a suitable
art journal. Every sketch book had a drawing or two, or more, but none of them were the right size. Of course I have the right size sketch book, but it was not with the other ones. Searching, giving up, watching telly, back to searching, and there it was, in one of my bags (I have lots of bags), and it was not even in the last bag I looked in.

I also found, in the same bag, some nice watercolor crayons, and drawing pencils.
I took, from the cabinet, the oldest, most used oil pastels and happily dumped my books and colors on the table and started meditating (10 seconds), and telling myself
to relax and try something new.

The oil pastels were perfect for my aimless smudging on the clean page. I took one color at a time, colored until the paper on the crayon hit the surface, and from there one color at the time. I kept coloring and coloring, with no goal. It felt good. When I was ready to check the result I knew something was missing. I took a knitting needle and started scribbling with that on the thick oil pastel smudges.

I named my creation "Rain forest Waterfall". I have never been in a rain forest, other than in Montreal Botanic Garden, and that is indoors.

After that I was ready to watch some more telly. I think there was NCIS or House to be watched. My mind kept traveling in other areas, and getting restless, so I had to get back to the table, where my sketchbook still was open on the new just created page. Something was missing, but I didn't know what. I had to sit down,
and my fingers just went to open the watercolor crayon box.

I took my fancy watercolor crayons and made a blob in the middle of the paper. Then, with Q-tips I watered it down with black coffee (no sugar) and just smudged the blob.

Later that night I started adding stuff on the smudged blob, and now it's a Rock Flower.

Knitting? My hands were aching mega time, and Advil didn't help, so rest them fingers for a few days.

That is it for now, folks.


Janet said...

Good for you!! I love all the colors in the Rain Forest Waterfall. But I love love love the rock flower!! It has such an organic look and the colors are soft and's just great!

Pirk said...

thanks, Janet.
I like the rockflower, too. It was sort of an accident how it developed.