Saturday, June 30, 2007

Started MS3

I started the mystery stole last night. I've done 71 rows, with several froggings. As soon as I start watching what's happening on telly, I screw up. I've pinned the piece on a styrofoam piece that came from a picture frame packing. Well, it sort of worked.

This pattern is more complicated than I am used to knitting. But I like it, even though I tend to have trouble focusing on the chart. I have four different colors for the stitches and one color for the rows that I have finished. Yeah, I had to frog about four rows, and going back was fun, because I already had highlighted the done rows.

I've done sweaters, where the pattern repeats more or less withing 10 - 30 or so rows. That is much easier. There has not been any repeat on the stole, yet. I am using some yarn that I found in my stash. It's acrylic, and I'm using size 2.5 mm needles. The yarn is from France, and I must have bought it years ago, since I cannot find any info on it in the web. The name is "Chanteleine Perle".

Unfortunately I have to stop knitting and continue with the crochet summer top. I put the pieces on top of a fabric top, and looks like I need to crochet a lot more pieces.

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