Monday, June 25, 2007

Mystery Stole

Now I've done it. I joined yet another group. This time it's a Mystery Stole group.

I made one swatch last night, and believe me, I am embarrassed to admit that I frogged it several times, row by row, to the beginning garter stitch part. I have no idea how could I have either one stitch too many or one not enough. How does that happen on lace knitting?

I spent at least 3 hours making that little 35 stitches and 32 rows piece. I cannot believe it.

Of course I had breaks, like coffee and some telly watching but basically I was just knitting and swearing.

Here is the piece. I am not too good at blocking, so try to imagine how pretty the piece is.

The color is faint yellow, it almost fainted when I decided to spray water on it. If I don't feel like crocheting tonight, I'll make another swatch; using row counters and stitch markers, and bigger needles and different yarn. If not, then I will just crochet.


Janet said...

Oh, my gosh!! Another group! How do you find time to do all that knitting and crocheting? I am so bad....I haven't even picked up my hook or needles for so long I'll probably need lessons when I do!

Pirk said...

Hehe, Janet,
I don't know where the time comes from, but I would really use a few more hours during the daytime.