Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Boxes everywhere

My office has about 20 boxes full of stuff from my filing cabinets. I have emptied smaller boxes that contained most important items, like my personal papers, grooming tools (I need tools to fix myself) and some recent work that I need to do pretty soon.

I took a picture of my boxes that were sitting on someone else's desk, while my office was occupied with carpet people, painters and other important work people.

Our whole office is under renovation, and it's starting to look pretty good. We have brown filing cabinets, brown doors, and trimmings, mustard color wall on one side and lighter yellow on the other side. Carpet is a combo of those colors. Looks sort of mustard yellowish brownish....

My crocheting has been steady, hence no postings, not too much reading my e-mails, and not much of anything else. BUT the vest is done, last week, but haven't blocked or washed or what ever I have to do to make it look finished. Oh, and the buttons are missing. That is a problem, I didn't make button holes.

I am now working on the Irish Crochet top, for me, and I have a fairly sizable pile of IC pieces, that need to be put together. I just keep making motifs, and keep going like Duracell.

This is one of the IC motifs, I made four of them, but I don't have any pictures of other motifs.

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Janet said...

Moving/renovating office! I've been involved in doing that once and it was not fun! After it's all done it will be nice but the in-between is just horrible.

I can't wait to see the finished IC project.

I thought since you hadn't posted that you were crocheting your fingers to the bone!