Thursday, June 21, 2007

Frogging Thoughts

I have concluded that it is not a good idea to hide the yarn/thread ends as you go, if your project requires lots of little pieces, even bigger ones. This applies definitely to my freeform crocheting.
I am working on a summer top, using size 10 thread. My project has many motifs, many picots, and many rows of joining.

One of my bigger pieces seemed to warp too much to my liking, besides it didn't fit with other pieces. I have now spent hours trying to first find the beginning of the row, only to discover it's the wrong way row. Trying to find the beginning, where the thread would unravel easily, as in if you have a run in your knitting, it would immediately run like hell, but no, not in crochet. Even when I got the right end, and was happily frogging the row, then came a picot, and sure enough, the thread stops. There was no reason for it.

I have cut and cursed and perhaps sobbed a bit, but I still have one piece to separate from the guilty piece, the one that has million picots, and warps the most. I would make a new piece faster than trying to take something apart, but I don't want to. I like that miserable piece very much.
You can see the cuttings in the picture, warping doesn't show too much any more

In conclusion, I think that I will hide the ends after, and get frustrated then, rather than now. I do such a good job, if I may say so myself, that nobody is ever going to find anything on the wrong side.

Did I mention that the motifs are joined with another motif, and then some rows of loops and picots and clones knots, etc. and then another motif joined. Hence there are many beginnings and endings.

No more hiding thread ends, before I am happy with what was created.

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