Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Another swatch

This is the one I made last night. I tried several yarns, and then had to prove to myself that I could knit with ultra thin yarn. My needle size could have been smaller, but I couldn't find the set (figures). The yarn is on a cone, the size is for one of those knitting machines that knit the thinnest yarn under the sky. The color on the cone looks peachy, but on the swatch it looks PINK. I cannot imagine continuing with this color. I have, somewhere, same weight yarn, and asked my hubby to find it today. The other yarn I have is very light grey. BTW, isn't photoshop marvellous? That swatch does not look pink, it looks peachy, doesn't it!

A girl must think of gifts already.

So, this morning, before I came to work, I was going to be late anyway, and had made the time up, but I was early from my lateness from work, so I decided to go to WallyMart to see if they had size 2 mm knitting needles. Yup, the short ones, to knit socks. Well, I am NOT going to knit socks, but going to test the lace knitting with the ultra thin yarn.

I suspect, though, that I will be crocheting tonight.

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