Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Something gets done

I finished a baby blanket that I started last year. It only needed one end and one side to have the finishing row. I have a picture of it, not blocked, but it's ok. The size is 28 x 36 inches.
The yarn is some baby stuff.

Then...ahem, I started a batwing shawl on Monday, and I finished it tonight. Clap, Clap, Clap.

One thing is almost certain, the batwing shawl will not come back with me. I am sure my sister will hide it from me, when I am ready to leave for home.

I still need to make a few little gifts for my family members, but I still have time, like tomorrow night and Friday night. On Saturday I will be busy packing and on Sunday I will be leaving.
Hubby is going to be all alone...oops, with the cat, for two weeks.


~drew emborsky~ said...

Both projects are fantastic! And what yarn did you use on the shawl? Is it self-striping or did you change colors?

Pirk said...

Thanks, Drew,

I used Rainbow Boucle from Joann's

The yarn is self-striping.

That yarn makes great shawls, they are so nice and light. I made a poncho too, and the owner loves it. I bought several different colors.

Janet said...

You are amazing! Both items are great but I love the shawl. If I were your sister I would hide it for sure!!

Is the shawl one of your own ideas or is it a pattern?

Pirk said...

Janet, Thank You,

The shawl is a pattern from the internet.
It's called Seraphina shawl, or as most of us who have made it call it "batwing shawl"

Here is the link:

Janet said...

Thanks Pirk. I don't think I was awake when I read your blog otherwise I would have seen the link in your post!! I have seen that pattern before and often wondered if it was easy to do.

Pirk said...

Janet, I added the link after you asked about the pattern, so you didn't miss it the first time.

It's an easy and quick pattern. I made this one in three nights.

knitsteel said...

Beautiful shawl! I'd hide it from you too if you made it while you were visiting me...