Sunday, August 13, 2006

Cable stitches

My friend Sherri started making this cardigan.

She made some of the cable pattern yesterday, but I was busy with our granddaughter, so my knitting was left for today. I think I have done up to 17th row on the cable pattern.
I must admit, I am not going to make the cardigan, I am making the cabled strips and join them with something else. The cardigan would look better on Sherri anyway.

I bought the newest issue of Vogue Knitting and have been dreaming of how to make more time to be able to finish the projects I am working on now, and then start on the projects on that magazine.


Janet said...

What a beautiful sweater pattern. I love the cable design along the bottom. I can only do very simple knit or purl stitches. Hopefully this winter I can learn a little more in knitting.

Pirk said...

I made a few sets of the chart and the cable looks really nice.
You will learn the other stitches, too, Janet. If you know knit and purl, then you can do all kinds of neat things.

Cables are just built-in and twisted knit and purl stitches.