Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Phone usage from Radisson Hotel

I received my phone bill yesterday. As many of you I went to the CGOA Chain Link Knit and Crochet show, in King of Prussia, PA. I stayed at Radisson Hotel by Valley Forge Convention center.

I called my hubby, in Canada, used my CALLING CARD. Of course, first I dialed 9, and then I had to put the calling card number.

Guess what, I was charged $13.00 per minute (Canadian $), by the hotel, even though I had not used their services. The total charges for 45 minute calls was almost $200 plus tax. We called our phone company, and they told us that this is what the hotels do. They charge their own fees, even if the customer uses their own methods of calls, as in Calling Card, where the charges go directly to your own phone bill. All the calls were also marked as "collect". I don't think this is legal.

Ok, now another thing:

Blogger will not post my pictures. I tried last night and today. Still nothing.
I have tried since, what, the other day, when I was talking about my cat.

So, today is Thursday, and no pictures.

I joined a Crochet Along (CAL) in one group. It's a tote bag. Instead of using hemp, I am using
"Real Jean" cotton yarn. It's apparently discontinued or hard to find, but when Lewiscraft (craft store) was still alive, Maggie and I went to one of them stores in the West end of the city. The store had a back wall full of bins with discounted stuff. In one bin there were several skeins of "Real Jean" cotton. Thanks to Maggie, she was showing the yarn to me. I had not noticed.

BTW, Maggie has pink toe nails, hahaha.

Back to my bag. Poet I'm not, but with my wit I'll get shot.

So, I am crocheting away with the very dark RJ yarn and I am getting a nice shade of blue on my forefinger. I cannot wait to wash the bag...If I ever get it done...I am not going to worry about the color running, I want it to happen, otherwise it's not going to be a real jeans type bag.

I am still angry with the phone thing. I think I go for a walk, or buy some chocolate.


Janet said...

The way hotels charge like that should be illegal but so far it isn't. HB and I always just use our cellphones whenever we travel. I'm sorry that happened to you, and now you have a big phone bill to pay. That means less yarn to buy!!

The blue jean yarn sounds interesting. I like anything blue jean-ish!

Hope you can post some photos soon. Blogger is a real pain in the you know what!

Pirk said...

I would like to use my cellphone, but if I am out of country, the charges are huge.
I'll post a picture of the yarn as soon as blogger smartens up.