Sunday, August 06, 2006

Doll for my nephew's daughter

I could not wait longer, I had to post a picture of the new doll which does not has a face yet.
That will be yet another doll picture. I should name my blog reflecting dolls. Nah, I do other things, too. Right now I am on a doll kick. The skin color is off quite a bit. But my skills with the photoshop are still on the simmering stage. At least I know how to crop, so the picture doesn't have all the extra mess around it, only a little bit. You see, when I am ready to take a picture,
I just take it, without planning the set-up. In this case I did put the needles on the doll's hands, but just to keep them from flying outside as wings. Don't ask.

I was going to make a little jacket for the doll, but the word bolero keeps haunting me, and I don't have a pattern for that neither. Do I have to create a little doll bolero now? Sheeesshhh.
Or a shawl.

You should see what else I found in those boxes. UFOs...unfinished objects. Objects, indeed, because some of them made no sense. Most of them did, though. I must have planned to make an octopus at one time, because I found a head, actually three, but one set of legs in black, and one finished leg in green. Must have been an alien octopus. Three heads, seven legs, hahah. Ok, so three different color creatures, sounds better.

I know I have a box full of doll parts, in one of my closets. If I am in a doll kick now, NOW would be the right time to dig them up and FINISH them off. But that would not be logical, would it?

I was reading Janet's blog this morning, and she's telling about her mountain in the hallway, and if anyone would like to visit her and stay over, they should bring mountain climbing gears. Well, that sort of goes in this place, also. I think Janet and I should get together. Hey, we could meet in Kansas!

I think I will put the boxes in the hallway, in the orderly fashion as in staircase. I have such bright ideas sometimes.

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Janet said...

As usual, the doll is so cute. Trying to knit and do photoshop photos at the same time would be more than I could handle. Heck, I can barely knit!

Thanks for the mention! Meeting up in Kansas would be fine! I just have to get past that mountain first!!