Thursday, August 31, 2006

In Finland

Here I am, and have done shopping already. I bought some Nalle and Seitsemän Veljestä yarn.
I finished the batwing shawl in the plane, and made a bracelet with beads. I have alse bought two magazines, Kauneimmat Käsityöt and Moda.

There is one cute purse in Moda magazine, I might even make it one day.

Here is the shawl, which I made for my SIL; there is also a bracelet on top of the shawl (grey and black shades). I have my own little room, in the attic.

Well, I was brave and reduced the size to show the bracelet. It is supposed to be grey with black but in my eyes there seems to be awful lot of green. Oh, well, my eyes are green, so maybe there is some reflection.

Oh, and here is a new and improved picture of the black to grey to white shade shawl, which should go well with the bracelet, or vice versa.

I have to go now lunch is ready.


~drew emborsky~ said...

Woo hoo! I hope you are having a wonderful time! Please take some outdoor pics for us stuck in the middle of North America!

The projects all look fantastic. I love the way the bracelet and the shawl coordinate! Good job!!

Janet said...

The shawls are just beautiful, and I like the bracelet too. You are so talented!

I hope things are going ok for you, and I agree with Drew that photos of Finland would be wonderful if you have the time.

(I was so happy to see a posting from you....I've missed you)