Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Cat Talk

Have you ever experienced the ice cream and cat phenomena?

Your cat is sleeping in the furthest corner of your home; in a place you don't even know exists.

You just know that there is a secret place for a cat to sleep. Ah, the cat is sleeping. You want some ice cream, and you open the freezer and take the ice cream bucket out and ever so carefully place it on the counter. So far so good. Then you proceed to take a dish for the ice cream and scoop the said mush into the dish. Still no sign of the cat.

This ice cream is a night time treat for yourself, while you work at your computer. I know you are not supposed to eat by your computer. I do, sue me. So, if some of the keys get stuck, you fix the problem. Either open the dang keyboard, or use one of those aerosol blow thingies, or call your better half who knows how to fix things. In my case I complain that one of the keys is stuck, and then I look, I can make it happen, very ignorant and let the hubby sigh deeply and come and take the keyboard and fix it. There.

So, I was scooping the ice cream into the bowl. I carefully placed the bucket back in the freezer. Then I turned to start walking towards my computer. Did you notice how I changed the pronoun for this story. First it was you, and now it's me.

I take two steps and almost trip on something on the floor: The Cat. Where the heck did he come from now? How did he hear me? I was so quiet, even the neighbors didn't hear me.

I am cleverly ignoring the cat, who is now positioned right at my feet, staring at me eating the ice cream, which I don't enjoy at all, by now, but just giving the cat hard time, I eat very slowly, so that the ice cream is melting in the bowl, before I come to the end of it. The cat, now impatiently starts moving around, changing his position, and pretending to sleep, although I can see his left eye slightly open and staring directly at me.

How does he know that I have two more spoonfuls to eat? He is already getting up and coming pretty close to my legs, and now telling me to hurry up. Instead of ignoring him, I look at his big eyes, so innocently staring at me, that I have to put the dish on the floor so he could lick the remains of the ice cream. He thanks me loudly, or is it, "it's about time", and starts licking, and then walks away and disappears.

If anyone has any tricks how to get the ice cream, eat it, without the cat knowing about it, please let me know. I will not close the door to his hiding place, because that would be cruel, and then I would not know if he hears me or not.


Janet said...

That is too funny! I don't share my ice cream with anyone....and most especially with the cat! But neither one of them has ever had it so they don't know what they're missing.

Harley is doing better! I think he will make it just fine. Still don't know what happened to him but as long as he gets better that's all that matters.

myra said...

Round here we have the 10 percent rule. 10% of whatever you eat goes to the dogs. If not, you are likely to get a nose poking your elbow when you try and reach thesoon to your mouth and almost end up jabbing yourelf in the eye. It could be worse, you could have a dog.