Monday, January 23, 2012

Monday in January

Hi everyone,

We have a strange winter here in our area. There was some snow, and then no snow. Today the rain will take away all the snow that is left. At least most of it.
I had made a few Revontuli Shawls (Northern Lights), by knitting. Sherri found a pattern at Ravelry for crocheted one. I jumped, and now am crocheting one. It is called "Crovontuli"
I am using yarns that might go together, and what I have in my stash. However there is only so much of those shades that I already have that I had to go and
buy some more. Mostly using Kroy Sock yarns, and TicoTico yarn, which is now in process.
I started with solid navy Kroy sock yarn, and then a variegated Kroy, then Tico Tico. I have not decided for the next one. I'll see what happens when this TT yarn is finished. I still have a full skein of that one, fortunately.

I have been working also on a Central Park Hoodie for my dear friend Gaby, but she is not going to get it until in May. She lives in a country that has the winter when we have summer.
I'm also working on lace gloves for my DIL, in black Koigu. Pictures will follow for those two when I am finished with them.

You might remember that I have a serious case of startitis syndrome. This means that I like to start new things before I finish a current project. It's sad, really, but can't help it.

In other news, drawing is once again in the back corner of my intentions. Seems to me that every time I want to draw something, a knitting needle pokes at me and gets the yarn all
tangled up in my bags, and I have to clear those, and then knit a few rows, and then some more.
Soon I realize I must go to bed, since the next day is usually a work day.

I finished reading "Shining" by Stephen King. It took me a long time to read. Well, I just found out there are 464 pages of reading. I have the book on my Kindle, and pages only show by percentage of read pages. It kept going and going and finally I started skipping pages. It was just too much of the same horror. No, I am not saying it was a bad thing, it was just getting to me, and I wanted to see how it ends.
Now I can watch the movie, which I got a few weeks ago. I am waiting for a good gloomy night to watch it, haha. It might give me some nightmares.


Janet said...

That's a beautiful shawl. You seem to make a lot of shawls. Do you wear them? I have a couple I made years ago but I seldom ever wear them. I like that pattern though and might get the crochet itch to make something.

We're having a rainy day today. It might be just perfect for a scary movie.

Pirk said...

Thank You Janet. I have made a few, but given them as gifts. I think I have two left, and even one of them will get gifted.
I hardly ever wear shawls, or scarves, or cowls, but I like making them.

Tatiana said...

WOW! Very beautiful shawl.

Pirk said...

Thank You Tatiana. I can't wait to get back to it, to finish, it's going to be so pretty, I hope.