Monday, January 09, 2012

Betta Fish

On Saturday I went shopping with my friend Sherri. I had four items on my grocery list.
Needless to say, the store buggy was full of unlisted stuff. That store is dangerous for me, I wanted to buy much more, but the little person on my shoulder started pinching me and I didn't buy everything I wanted (not needed).
After the grocery store, we went for lunch to an El Salvadorian restaurant. I had chicken Quesadilla, recipe here, but not the one in the restaurant:

Sherri had Chicken Burrito and Pupusa.
To Sherri's surprise, I didn't like Pupusa, but one cannot like everything, I did like the burrito, although it was a bit too
spicy for me, but never mind that, it was good.

From the restaurant we went to get some fish food for Sherri's fish at home. I was going to stay in the car (to read a little bit, I had my Kindle with me), but she told me it's going to take a while, so I went into the store with her.
I used to have several fish tanks and all kinds of fish, including small sharks. I had too many of them, and when we
moved to our apartment the fish and tanks were sold.

I used to have a Betta fish, Sam, he lived about 3 years, and then got old and died. I was looking at those beautiful fishes (?) and all of a sudden decided to get one, and so I did. He's not very colorful, but it was hard to see in the
dark area of the store, where these animals were located. I will take a picture of him tonight. I completely forgot to
do so, even though Sherri had taken a picture of hers.

My hubby named this little creature "Moby" (Actually Moby Dick, but I didn't want the whole name), he does look a little bit like a miniature whale, if you squint your eyes and let your imagination fly.

Hubby and I bought him a new home yesterday, when we went to Dixie Mall. It's a glass bowl, was meant for a candle to put inside a smaller bowl. When I told the girl in the store that it's for my fish, she looked horrified. The bowl has a designer's name on it, big deal, I don't even remember what it is. The most important thing was that it
is clear glass and is big enough for Moby and it was on sale 50% off. There, Designer bowl or not, Moby is happy.

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