Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Last Day of January

Here I am waiting for my book that I ordered from Amazon.
It's called "One Drawing A Day". I was amazed that it was shipped the same day
as I had ordered it.
I hope I could start drawing again. My attempts have been ridiculous and resulted next
to nothing. I don't think you could call it drawing when you take a pen, your sketchbook and
stare at the blank page, as if it was your enemy, close the book, sigh, "tomorrow" I will do something.
Later I take a crochet hook, yarn and start making squares for Heartmade Blessings project.
Mind you, I would consider that for some sort of drawing, too. Well, you create forms and
also texture. However, I do miss my pens touching the paper, other than what I do at work.

I "bought" another free book for my Kindle. It's about understanding people. For a few moments I hesitated if I should get the book: will I read it? Am I too old to learn the complexity of a human mind? Well, not really, I would be reading these books when I retire, and then try not to become a miserable, complaining, rude and negative retiree. That is, I need to change my attitude before I retire. Why is it so difficult to give a smile to a person who cuts you off at a grocery line-up? Something to do with personal space? something to do with "I was here first"?
Sometimes there is a reason for everything, but I am not sure if I want to know what those reasons are. I keep crocheting and knitting, and perhaps one day my pens will please me enough to glide on the paper and I will be happy forever.


Janet said...

When other people are rude I feel bad for them because they're hurting themselves with their behavior. I just smile and let them go ahead because it isn't really all that important to me.

I hope your book arrives and you feel like drawing. But actually anything creative is good.

Pirk said...

so true, Janet.