Wednesday, January 04, 2012

Another Day in 2012

This is my first doodle this year. It's done on writing paper, thus the faint lines in the background.

I am promising myself to use my pen/s at least once a week, and my crochet hook as well.
I spent most of the day yesterday crocheting a scrumble with yarn that Sherri had spun. She gives me the "leftovers" or her "mistakes". Her yarn, whether it's crp for her, it's a treasure for me.

I have Kindle reader, actually two of them and Kobo reader. I am reading now "Shining" and
am almost half way thru. Can you believe, I never saw the movie, but now I have it on DVD, from amazon. Can't wait to finish the book and then watch the movie. I like it in that order, the same as I did with "The Help". I read the book first. I am glad I did, because the movie left so much out. Of course, that is understandable, otherwise the movie would have been made to a TV Series.

On the knitting site I have a few projects going on, all for gifts, but I'll talk about those later.

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Janet said...

Good for you to keep creating every day. Love the put so much detail into it.

I have a Kobo but I don't use it much. I still like to have a book in my hands.