Wednesday, January 03, 2007


Another WIP done! I can't believe how productive I have been in the last few weeks. Sometimes the last minute push is all I need, right?

Well, I finished a crocheted vest for hubby's daughter. I used Anne thread and the pattern is from Sirdar, The White Book of Crochet Fashion, pattern C.

Of course, like always, I had to change the pattern a little bit. The pattern is for a top that is closed in the front, and I made it an open in the front vest. More work for me, in a rush, very clever.
I am not going to do this type of rush all the time, but I still have a batwing shawl for hubby's daughter and a summer skirt for our granddaughter. Those are going to be done later.


Sioux said...

You are so talented. I love this vest. I crochet...but not like that. You have real talent!

Thanks for visiting my blog!

Janet said...

Pirk, as usual, this is beautiful. I am so envious of your knitting abilities. You are my hero!!