Saturday, January 06, 2007


Our granddaughter with her parents came over for dinner tonight.

Here is a picture of her wearing the sweater I made for her, and another picture

paying more attention to cars than dolls. I am going to talk to her about my Mustangs.

She was truly fascinated with the model cars she had in front of her.


Sherri said...

Oh Pirk - Ella just keeps getting cuter!

The sweater fits perfectly - well done gramma :-)

Janet said...

Those big blue eyes! She is just beautiful. I think it's great she likes the cars more than the dolls. It shows she's very independent and free-thinking! I had a friend who loved racing cars and working on them and she was one of the most beautiful women I've ever known. She was not masculine in the least but she could repair just about anything on a car.

Claudia said...

TAG--you're it!
6 Weird Things About Me!

Pirk said...

Claudia, I think that sounds interesting.