Thursday, January 04, 2007

Dreams and pen pals

The other morning, I think it was Wednesday, we woke up @ 7:55. If you had seen me run, you would have thought of seeing a lightning, sort of. The shower took three minutes. My trip to work is usually around 20 to 25 minutes. I was at work @8:30. I would say that it was a fast forwarded morning. I also think that people who normally crawl to work in front of me, had decided to stay at home, or go later, or had already snailed ahead of me. None of the normal irritating traffic was in my way. Even the traffic control people were on my side, since I hit maybe two red lights, out of maybe 20. Do I have to count the lights now? It was a good ride to work.

Our local Knitting group had the first meeting of the year. We had a nice crowd, and it was nice meeting everyone. We knitted and chatted, some of the members were learning Tunisian Crochet, instructed by Julia. I didn't attend the mini class, since I think I know the system pretty well.

We also had our regular raffle. I bought four tickets. Wouldn't you know, I did win one of the prizes, which was five 100 gr. skeins of Patons Classic Wool in "worn denim", I thought it was light blue, but then I checked. I think my granddaughter would like another Aran style sweater. Or I might forward the yarn for someone who really likes light blue....heheh. We will find out in February, won't we?

Guess I need to go and get some more of my strange dreams. Like last night I dreamt that I knitted a bra, with variegated blue yarn. The size was A, therefore it definitely was not meant for me. I only got one side done. The yarn was prickly and made my hands itch.

The other night I woke up to a thought that had come up in my dream: I needed to send a post card to one of my pen pals from my teenage years. I even knew (in my dream) the name and the town this pal had lived in when we were writing to each other. I woke up thinking that I could find the postal code in the web. Strange, since I have not been thinking of any of my pen pals for eons.
I used to have pen pals from Germany, Israel, Ghana, Finland and USA. The ones I remember best was a sweet boy from Accra, Ghana, and the pal from Finland, whom I was supposed to meet at a Rolling Stones Concert. I never made it to that concert. Never met the pal.

Why, oh why, do I have such strange dreams. Although, I think that most dreams are strange for anybody. Maybe I should find a dream book, one that isn't telling any old stuff, but is more truthful than the quick to sell books. Well, I'm going to sleep now. Have nice dreams everyone!


Janet said...

That must have been some trip to work! I can just see you flying down the streets.
Yay for winning some yarn....just what you need, isn't it! But it does sound pretty.
As for the dreams, I laughed about the size A bra....not for me either! Wouldn't it be great if you could actually locate your old pen pals. I wrote to a girl in Scotland and a boy in Brazil when I was in school. Sadly I don't remember either of their names!

Pirk said...

I checked the web to see if my pen pal had anything reported. Sure enough, he is an artist and has had shows in Finland and internationally. Funny, when we were writing to each other, he was always doodling.
My first boyfriend is now an artist, too. He has an advertising business. Funny.