Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Back from Argentina

This brown purse I made with cotton yarn and used Tunisian crochet and "normal crochet" stitches. I started the purse a week before we left for home, and finished it at Santiago Airport. The cream colored purse was bought in Mendoza, Argentina.

What a wonderful vacation we had. The weather was nice, hot and only a few days with humidity. Some thunderstorms, twice to be exact. The first one appeared when we were planning a BBQ for our family. We had the chicken BBQ anyway, regardless of the heavy rain.

I want to make a comment about some uninvited friends we had every single day and night: the
incredibly clever mosquitoes. I swear they were after my blood, like vampires. I tried to put some "OFF" every day, but somehow those irritating little ickies found a spot that was not covered, and that is exactly where the fountain of nectar was for them. The only positive thing about this was that I smelled really good most of the time. "OFF" comes in a nice scent. It also kept my skin glowing and soft. I felt young again.

The kids were great. Our granddaughter is smart and very clever in her way of dealing with people. One of the things she had said, when she was bored, and asked her dad what she could do, and when her father told her to go and talk to the fish in the little tank they had on the book self. What did she say? "but daddy, fish don't talk, they swim".

Oh, and another one:

She threw her toy dog in the air. Her grandpa said that the dog was crying and barking in pain.
She said that "that dog doesn't cry, it's made of plastic.

Valentina is 2 years and 8 months.

I could go on and on about her, but I save some for later.

We went to the side of mountains, The Andes, visited a few villages in the area and had tons of pictures taken, and of course had lunch in one of the nice little restaurants.

One day we went to the province of San Juan to see the shrine of Difunta Correa It was an interesting trip. I was awed with the history, and amazed how many people had left things to thank the woman. There is no way I am going to explain this on my blog, there is lots of info in the web.

I got lost in the web, after I found a link to Difunta Correa, I found many more. Then started watching some shows on telly and went to sleep. As if this was anything important.

More later.


Janet said...

Sorry I'm so late getting here! The brown purse is so cool! And it looks nice and roomy. I like the cream colored one too.

grinmonzter said...

Hi there, happen to see your blog in google search. Your crochets are great. I'm learning crochet too. Hope I could do something like yours in future.