Monday, January 01, 2007


It was a very strange year, that 2006. Every new year I hope that it will be better than the old one. I am sure every person has had their own ups and downs, so I will not get into any of those. Let's just say that the new year could be better.

I managed to get myself to go into the mall this morning. First thing I did was to have a pedicure. I had a guy do my toes this time. He was good and not as hurtful as the girl who did my feet the time before. My feet didn't even get ticklish. I was crocheting and got some nice motifs done, which I might never use for anything, one never knows.

Then I went to Zellers, and found a camisole, in my size, but it didn't have a price tag. There was another one, but different size, and it had a price sticker of $10.00, which suited me fine.
I went to the customer service, just in case someone needed a price check. To my surprise the price ended up being just 5 dollars, plus tax, of course. Zellers had a 50% off sale, and I didn't even notice when I went to the store. I just eyed at the line-ups and wondered what was on sale. As if those huge yellow signs were hanging for other people, other than me.

Anyhoo, I didn't buy any magazines or yarn, I just walked by, can you believe this? Yes, I went to see the magazines and yarns, how can I go to Zellers if I don't go and say hello to yarns?

I came home and started crocheting and frogging and crocheting. It is difficult to follow a pattern when most of the pattern is already being modified, by me, of course. I have smaller thread and more stitches. I finally was happy, and no more frogging, unless I make a mistake somewhere. I have until Saturday to finish this top for hubby's daughter. Hopefully it will be done by tomorrow.

After the top I am planning to make another batwing shawl, and after that another Dora doll, but those are for later, at least a week later.

No New Year resolutions for me, thank you very much. Well, maybe one, I will try to use my stash yarn for new projects. I said I will try, so that is not a real promise, is it?

Everyone, have a great New Year!


judie said...

Happy New Year Pirk. I linked here from Janet. Your doll profile picture drew me like a magnet. I don't sew or knit or crochet, not handy like that; a paintbrush and pen are my weapons!! BUT...sometimes I make dolls by hand sewing...I LOVE your doll! Nice to meet you.

Sioux said...

Happy New Year. Wish I could knit, but I do crochet a little bit. Just finished two potholders for a swap. Those sweaters you knitted are beautiful.

Pirk said...

Thank You ladies! and Happy New Year!