Thursday, December 18, 2008


Here is the latest project that took forever to finish. Well, for my defense, I had many interruptions, and attention span played tricks on me, plus some other projects seemed
far more interesting than socks that had no pattern. I am not an experienced sock knitter, as I have said umpteen times.

The socks were knitted with "Mission Falls" yarn, and size 4 mm needles.

The Cable pattern? 48 Stitches, divide stitches on four needles and k2,p2, k2, to the end. Do this for about 1 inch, or 2, if you want. Then for the Cable pattern: On the first needle, K2, P2, (The cable is: k2, p2, k2.) and it's time to twist the cable. This is what I did: From the left needle pick up two stitches (the two k2 ones), hold in front, then knit 2 (trust me, this is right...those two were purl stitches before), and the purl 2 (again, this is correct), then you knit the two stitches from the cable needle. This will take you back to your k2,p2,k2 pattern.

I twisted the cable every 7th (or 8th) row. Not sure, my row counter kept moving by itself, and the first twist looked right, so I just counted the rows from there on.

Continue for about 6" or more, if you want. Then it's time for the heel. At this point I needed to check a pattern in my sock book. I did k1, slp 1 pattern and purl the next row, until I had the desired rows. I needed to pick 12 stitches from the heel flap, later on. The rest of the sock, heel turning and sole plus toe part were carefully followed from my sock book. Cables I can do without pattern, but the whole sock...that is another story.

I've been quiet for some time, because I have had bronchitis, that has been so stubborn that
my doctor gave me antibiotics (strong ones) for 10 days. I still have one day left. He also gave
me cough syrup that is supposed to knock me down, and make me dizzy among other things.

I took half of the teaspoon on the first night, just to make sure I didn't suffer from any of those
ridiculous symptoms (ridiculous, because I am dizzy all the time,,,dizzy as in silly in mind).

Well, this strong cough medicine didn't do a thing for me. I was coughing the same way as before and didn't feel any dizzier than normally. Last night I took a full teaspoon. Nothing. I woke up
twice last night to cough. This morning I looked at the bottle more carefully: Chirldren's formula.

Well, guess who is going to get a phone call today. Not my doc, but that young chap at the pharmacist, who so much as warned me that I should not even drive when taking this medicine.

My regular pharmacist better be available today. He is NOT going to be happy, his assistant screwed up.

Off to work I go now. Have a great day all.

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Noreen Crone-Findlay said...

I hope you feel all better right away, Pirk! Bronchitis is miserable!
Your socks are GORGEOUS!!!!!
big hugs