Thursday, December 04, 2008

Scarf for Special Olympics

I have been waiting for blue Red Heart yarn to begin knitting a scarf for Special Olympics.

While waiting, I made a graph for a snowflake, and then tested with another yarn, blue and white as well. This yarn is Bernat yarn.
The test piece is not finished yet, but when done, I'll post another picture.
This might take a while, though, so please feel free to try on your own, but please not for selling, just for your own use, or for Special Olympics.

I knitted five rows of garter stitches, and then the chart with stockinette
stitch. There are four edge stitches that are garter stitches. There are 38 stitches in all.

Level: Moderately advanced. Knowledge of Fair Isle or Intarsia knitting.

This could also be crocheted.

One square is one stitch . For a scarf I would make a plain stockinette piece to cover
the yarn twists on the wrong side.


Sherri said...

It looks great Pirk - the chart is nice and clear too :-)

Pirk said...

Thank YOU Sherri, without your advice I would have never been able to make it looking nice and tidy.