Friday, December 26, 2008

Back to almost normal

This is a decorated box for our grandson.

I went to a grocery store today. This store always has a nice collection of knitting and crocheting magazines. Well, this time they did so, but unfortunately I already had all of them. I felt let down.
I started checking the book section, and bought Sue Grafton's "T is for Trespass". I have read only a few chapters and am somewhat confused. I have to get back to read more carefully about who is who. I hate that in the books, when it's not a clear flowing theme, but all mixed up with different characters that are not cleared from the beginning, but instead jumped to here and there.

Well, I am finally starting to get the idea of these people in this book (maybe I just have not read enough books that were written in the style for modern people) (I haven't read any books for years).

I am going to use every willpower molecule in my attention span challenged mind to finish reading this book. I want to be able to tell my friend Janet that I have read a book.

Janet is a reader, and I am often wondering what happened to me. I was the busiest reader in our local library when I was young(er). Now you might see me with knitting or crocheting books, but that's about the size of my reading.

Christmas? It came and went. I ate too much on Christmas Eve. It was just hubby and I, but I still managed to make a many course meal. Nothing tasted excellent, though, but I ate anyway.

Christmas Day evening we went to my son's in-laws for dinner and gift exchanges. The little kids were tired and the adults were chatting and waiting for the food.
I had made a box for GS with Thomas the Tank stickers on it, but the kid didn't really care for it.
Oh, well, that is the Christmas Joy for you!

Today, Boxing Day, I have gone to the grocery store to buy coffee and look for magazines, like I said before. When I came home I had a cup of java, and then tried to work on Special Olympics Scarf. I had knitted about 11 inches, and then measured it. WOW, it was way too wide. My stich choice has this tendency to become stretchy and loose. I am now at a point of designing
another type of scarf, maybe crocheting.

So the Christmas is gone and I can sit down and eat my green pea soup, and be happy.
Simple things make me happy. Although, sometimes a big pile of yummy yarn would make
me happier than one single ball of yarn. Oh, that all depends.

If I need one ball of yarn for something, it would certainly make me happier than a pile of yarn that is meant for something, but not needed at that time.


Janet said...

I've read a few of the earlier books by Sue Grafton but not that one. After about 5 or 6 I got tired of the theme!

And I really fell down on my reading over the past couple of months....probably because I've been spending all my time with my son.

Sorry your Christmas didn't seem to be so good. I was disappointed that my daughter wasn't with us.

I think the Thomas the Tank box looks cute. I can't imagine a kid not liking it!

Crazy for knitting said...

That is a cute box. My christmas sort of like yours ok but glad it is passed. I just wonder what normal is anymore, outside of being a 6 letter word :)

Pirk said...

Janet, I have finished 7 chapters on that book (I just keep falling to sleep, so it's slow reading,LOL)

Pirk said...

I suppose normal is the life we live, we just have to deal with it, like some people say.

Slinky is adorable, did I tell you that before?

Crazy for knitting said...

Tis True our Normal is not like anybody elses, and yes you did tell me Slinky is adorable lol.
I like your SO scarf.