Saturday, September 20, 2008

Startitis strikes again

I was to tell you more about Portland trip, but I got distracted with some new projects.
One of them is a Kimono Striped Jacket, pattern from Crystal Palace Yarns.

Since I am not even near feeling comfortable in those colors, I decided to make mine with colors that suit my whims. This is a sample of my new project.

I have done quite a bit already, and starting to increase stitches to over 280, ack!
Other than that, I have been checking my stash room and finding many UFOs that should be worked on as soon as possible.
However, as my startitis aches my being, I have not been able to work on one project for too long.

Here is some pictures from Portland, just to keep my promise of showing more pictures.

I really like the costume Laurie was wearing. She even had her "hook" with her.

My freeform vest from the back.

I took a freeform
knitting class with Jenny Dowde. It was an interesting experience. I learned a few new tricks, and lots of inspiration. Jenny is a wonderful instructor, and her work is amazing.

My friend Janet and I spent a wonderful time together. We had smoothies every chance we got, and she told me how to make them at home. We went downtown, got some souvenirs and went to Powell's book store (of course). I bought Melissa Leapman's book "Hot Knits".

We also went to see the artesan, which was overwhelmingly large. I was dead tired by the time we had gone thru four aisles. That meant that we headed back to the hotel to take a rest before dinner and Fashion Show. Janet has some fashion show pictures in her blog.

I was pleased to meet Jorel from California and Bonnie from Washington state. We have "talked" by e-mails in our Freeform group, but meeting the person in real life is a wonderful experience. When I heard someone talking about me behind me, at a lineup in a cafe, I turned around and there was Vashti. WOW,
that was amazing. We had a quick hug, and some words and my smile lasted a long time after that. I guess until I started eating my lunch.

Of course I was also delighted to meet Margaret, Myra, Mel, Noreen, Pam and Crochet Dude, and many, many other friends from our International Freeform group.


Janet said...

Pirk, that striped jacket is a beautiful pattern. Those are my colors so you're right to choose more earthy colors for yourself. They suit you.

I love seeing more of your photos of our Portland adventure. Each one brings back some memory that I will store away to bring out at times when I'm lonely or sad. Thank you for a most wonderful experience. You are the BEST!!

PS - I got my ravelry invitation and have signed up but haven't put anything on yet.

Pirk said...

You are so nice.

After I read this comment, I just had to make a smoothie.