Thursday, September 25, 2008

Pumpkin Hat and Cowl

This was one of those days that startitis hit me.
I had, at work, yarn for a pumpkin hat for my grandson; Kimono Jacket WIP and a hoodie WIP for my granddaughter.

I started the pumpkin hat at my lunch time, and continued when I came home. The pattern is a combination of several Pumpkin Hat patterns from the web. That is why there is no link to the pattern.

As the evening progressed, I started thinking of a gift for a friend, and spent almost an hour looking for yarn which was in my mind for the gift. Guess what, I didn't find that yarn, but found some other yarn that I started using. I also found a pattern almost immediately. It is listed in Ravelry, but linked to this blog. It is called "Quickie Cowl.

These are pictures of the yarn, and the start of the cowl for my friend.

She likes green, and I hope this
gift will please her.


Janet said...

That pumpkin hat is adorable!! And the green yarn looks so soft and luscious....I'm sure your friend will love whatever it is you're making.

I've been busy trying to clean my house! So I haven't been doing much online. Miss you.

Pirk said...

Thanks Janet.

I love the yarn for the cowl. I am planning to make more of those for Christmas gifts.

Miss ya a lot.