Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Kimono Jacket

Here is my wip on Kimono Jacket, so far.
Do you like my blocking tools? (scotch tape)
There is no chart or drawing of the pieces with the pattern instructions, but I think that the wider part is one side of the back and the narrow part is part of a sleeve. I could be wrong, but nah, no.

I am loving this work, and can't think of anything else to make right now. Let's see how long this mood is going to last.

This morning I spent over an hour fixing pictures from my Portland trip (over 300 pictures in all), and then, duh, forgot to save the changes.

Must love Picasa, I went back to see if there are any interesting pictures (I had closed the dang thing), and there it was "save the changes?" WOW, I clicked on it, and all my changes are there in my files. Somehow I feel happy. Little things make me happy. Just like seeing all kinds of bridges when sitting in that Max train.

I'm still seriously thinking of knitting a hoodie, but have not found a pattern that I reeeeeellly like. There is a nice pattern in Big Girl's knitting book, called Susie Hoodie, which I like very much.

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Janet said...

I don't think I'll ever see a bridge and not think of you on the Max train!! We had so much fun. I'm glad your photo changes were still there for you.

Good progress on the kimono sweater. And that hoodie is cute, too. You need to be cloned so there were more hands to knit with!!