Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Stitch 'n Pitch

Yes, I have my ticket for tonight at Roger's Center (used to be Skydome) for
the Stitch 'n Pitch event. I will be going there right after my workday.

Yes, I have my knitting with me. Actually I have three knitting choices, and a crochet
choice. I have never been quick to decide what I want to do. Perhaps that is why I have such a bad case of perpetual startitis.

In my younger days it was not so noticeable, because my yarn stash contained only
current work in process (WIP) project. However, my magazine collection had started
in those early days, by subscriptions to magazines that were available. All of them were
for knitting. My mom was the one who collected crochet booklets, and then eventually
gave them to me. I have kept the tradition in good shape.

For tonight I have two sock starts. One is Seaweed pattern by Wendy Johnson. I had started

it with another yarn (Clown, 1786), but realized that the yarn and the pattern had some issues in making a harmonious union. I frogged the sock starts just to the beginning of the lace pattern and decided that this yarn was meant to fly solo. No special patterns, just plain stockinette stitch. Good choice.

Second sock is with Patons Sock Stretch yarn, boy is it ever soft and stretchy, when touched, but not so soft when knitted. It has some cotton mixed in with wool, and that cotton might make it a little bit harder than plain wool would. Which is fine with me, I prefer the cool hint of the cotton that this yarn gives.

The pattern is Seaweed by Wendy Johnson, and although the yarn color isn't perfect, it will do much better than the other yarn.

My third project is a lace scarf for a friend, who has a birthday coming up soon, and I have only made about 15 cm. The yarn is Fiddlesticks laceweight, in Curry. It has Merino wool and silk, so it should be a nice scarf. The pattern is from the web, Pixie's Patterns "Fern Lace Scarf"
All these pictures were taken at my desk, and none of thse projects are blocked. The scarf start really isn't giving the real picture, but it will follow, as soon as it's done and properly handled.

Now, I do not want to take too much stuff with me, so I need to do some smart thinking about my take-along projects. Oh, I forgot the crocheting project. That would be freeform, no pattern, just thread and hook. The liiittttle problem would be the small hook and thin yarn. If I dropped the hook, I probably would not find it (it's size 10 steel hook) and thread is size something, between 10 and 20, I think. I am not sure if I want to fiddle with that stuff, I need a table and good light, and nobody bothering me, so that my mind can guide my hook to incredibly imaginative designs.

You guessed it, the plain stockinette stitch sock it will be, since there is no hope in hell that I would be able to follow a lace stitch pattern, either in that scarf or that sock; after all
I am going to a baseball game to watch Blue Jays, and some other team, duh, Oakland, I think.

Do you think I should check the names of the players, or do I just go to the event for fun?
I am sure I will have some pictures later on, since I have my minuscule camera with me.

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Janet said...

Have fun at the ballgame! I haven't been in years. At least it's a night game so it shouldn't be too hot.