Monday, August 25, 2008

Bod Dylan Tribute concert

We went to CNE to listen to a band (The Dylan Tree) that plays Bob Dylan songs. Not that I was a huge fan of Dylan's but he did have some songs that I liked. "Like a rolling stone" and "Tambourine Man" .
(Bob Dylan himself sings the TM in that you tube video)

Before I got my brain working cleverly, the battery in my camera was going down and down. I managed to get one song completely, but only 11 seconds of "Tambourine Man"

The musicians in the band are Canadians, and boy, was a ever impressed of their talent.

While waiting for the concert to begin, I was crocheting, and chatted with a lady from California.
She said that she only uses sc stitch. That's so cool to be able to do that.

Here is a link to Xenobia's site. I think her work is fabulous. I believe that she uses only sc stitch.

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Janet said...

That sounds like fun! I liked some of Dylan's songs, too. He's definitely a legend!

Thanks for that link to Xenobia's work....I had seen it before but didn't remember her name so I couldn't find it again. I love working with sc and doing them very tight. It makes such a strong fabric.