Friday, August 15, 2008

No imagination for Title

It's funny how time flies when you are crocheting freeform stuff, or knitting socks (I can't believe I just said that).

Every day, or rather, night, after work I hit my seat by our dining table. Not to eat (well I do that too) but crochet. One day it was a freeform bag for Ravelympics, and one day it was still working on my freeform top/jacket/shawl...I have decided that I have no idea how the scrumbles will get together and form something wearable.

One little problem I have with that project is that I like to make little pieces and then crochet and crochet, and don't stop, and those little pieces take time to make, just as joining anything to form something sensible. I must say that this project is the most difficult project I have made. I know I made an Irish Crochet - type tunic, and also a jacket, using lots of IC motifs. This project on the hook now is strictly freeform, the way I like it, and it's taking forevvvverrr, because my thread is really thin. I bought the thread at CGOA Manchester, NH, Knit and Crochet show. Oh,
and some of the thread I bought at Valley Forge Knit and Crochet show.

See, I do use my yarns and threads, maybe not immediately, but eventually. I hope the yarns from years and years ago don't hear me talk like that. Can you imagine, I had just bought some
Fiddlestick lace yarn to take part in Mysterystole 4 project, which will start in September.

I also have started three of four scarves for a co-worker, who has a birthday coming up, but she is not going to get the scarf. My fingers just don't work with a lace pattern right now. They are geared for free movement.

I took a break from everything else, and decided that I will be able to knit a pair of socks for our grandson, who is going to be one year in a two days.
I started this morning, without a pattern, but after searching the websites, I decided that I just combine some of the patterns and then get the socks done. The yarn is Regia Crazy Colors, and the colors are crazy, indeed. I tried four times to match the yarn for the second sock. I kind of did, but the yarn played a trick on me, the colors didn't run as perfectly as I expected, so some of the stripes are off. I am sure our one-year old little boy isn't going to worry about some design
features that grandma had done.

This afternoon, after work, I went grocery shopping, and wouldn't you know there was a new Vogue Knitting magazine.

I have not had time to look very closely at the patterns, but have been drooling over some new stuff that is appearing in the market for knitters.

I hope some of these neat gadgets are going to be at Portland Knit and Crochet show. I have made a decision, I will not buy yarn, just gadgets and perhaps that fancy knitting bag that is shown in VK magazine. It's a must to have for me.


Janet said...

You are so busy!! I don't think my hands would take that much knitting and crocheting. Plus with the heat I don't like to mess with yarn. I have to wait for cooler weather.

The socks are cute and I'm sure your grandson will like them.

Pirk said...

Thank you, Janet.
You know, I forgot to take them with me to his birthday party. Oh, well, it's too warm for those socks right now.
I've been crocheting most of the time, but sometimes have to take a break from that, too.