Saturday, May 17, 2008

May Long Weekend

What a great day it has been so far. I made a meatloaf for our crochet group lunch. We had somewhat quiet instead of a noisy meeting. I guess that many members had gone out from the city for the long weekend. We had a wonderful lunch, lots of desserts. I had several pieces of cakes, lemon squares and lots of different melons. There was also a delicious mango salad, that Julia had made. I forgot to write down what was in it, other than mangoes.

My meatloaf was a success, and there were no leftovers. I ate too much, but how can one resist

when there are so many good things to taste. Sherri had made a rice pudding, which I liked.

After the meeting Sherri, Drea and I headed down to Purple Purl. We took the subway and a bus down to our destination. (not the bus in the picture, though)

My first order was a cup of coffee, which was nice and strong. I enjoyed every drop of it.
I had a ball of some sock yarn on hold, and that is what I went to get, no other reason, truly!

We sat on those comfy chairs that are in the middle of the store and started knitting and crocheting. Drea was knitting a huge cabin block type afghan, it's huge. Sherri was crocheting a sweater for the fall. I was working on my freeform crochet, and walking around the store, drooling over the scrumptious yarns. I touched, I felt against my cheek, and put back on the shelf, and moved to another yarn, went back to my chair, but could not concentrate on my crochet. I was restless, and somehow knew that I could not resist any temptation.

Sure enough, Sherri started talking about a scarf she had seen in Ravelry. It was made with Noro sock yarn. What amazing and succulent colors. (I have heard that word "succulent" on telly so many times lately, that I am starting to hate it, it sounds so unreal, I am using the word here so I can squeeze in my opinion about some commercial use of the word on TV).

Sherri has a skill to make me buy yarn. I did. First I decided to buy one ball, but then I was thinking of making a shawl, instead of a scarf, but for a shawl I would need at least two balls. They are not really "balls", they don't even look like them, they are "skeins". OK, now that that is cleared, I had decided to buy two, and make a shawl.

Well, there was a young girl knitting a sweater with another type of Noro yarn, but I figured out the cost being too much if I wanted to make one for me. Well, Sherri, who has some brilliant ideas, started saying that "a ripple vest would look nice with that Noro Yarn". Sure, it would.

Guess what, I bought four skeins, instead of one and instead of two. Now I need to think what and when I am going to make something with it. This yarn is not very good for my skin, since it's wool, and not like Merino wool. It makes my skin itch even when I look at it. Maybe a vest will be OK.


Sherri said...

I told you - you are your own stash control board! Goodness, if I bought yarn for every idea that crossed my mind...wait a minute I do!

You can always use it for Christmas presents.

Pirk said...

LOL, you do, don't ya?

I only buy yarn when I am with you.


Janet said...

Sounds like you had a fun day. And a little yarn buying never hurt anyone!

Pirk said...

Yes, Janet,

I had a great day. And now it's time to knit and knit.