Tuesday, April 29, 2008

More on FreeForm

I left out the "pattern" part.

number 11. There might be a pattern that I like, and there might be a time when
I follow it, to a tee. (where did that expression come from?)
There are times, however, when a change to a pattern is necessary,
whether it is a major change or a mini change. I have done that sort of thing
more than once or twice.

Sometimes I just look at a pattern and then decide if it's worth working on. If I so decide,
then the process becomes a "follow a pattern" type of thing. Well, there is a little problem right
there, I kind of don't like following patterns. Unless I must (motifs, new methods, new ideas). That is another thing. Patterns are useful and result of designer's inspiration, imagination and most of all, hard work. I give my full sense of respect and admiration for anyone who has accomplished making designs for others to follow.

I am not sure where this blabbering is going for, and If I am honest with myself, this type of blabbering is similar to my working on a free from scrumble. I will start cleverly, and then have no idea where I will stop.

If the above does not make sense, then just think of it this way: Patterns are not really my thing, although I have books, magazines and loose patterns to fill half of my other bedroom, the other half is for yarn. Here we go again, off the subject, ending up in a stash room.

Freeform crochet for me is a freedom from following a pattern.

Now, I want to mark down some pros and cons on a trip to CGOA Chain Link, Knit and Crochet Show in Portland, OR, in September.

Cons: expensive hotel stay

Pros: free flight with Airmiles
Meet friends
Explore the town
find some new ideas
meet friends
meet new friends

I will think of other items, but now back to work.

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Janet said...

Patterns are a source of inspiration for me....both in crochet and in other forms of art. I love seeing instructions written down because they show me the technique the person used but after that it's all up to me whether I follow it or not. Most of the things I've seen you make are not completely by pattern and you always create such beautiful things. So just use the patterns as inspiration or as a starting point and then wing it from there.

Looking forward to maybe seeing you in September!!