Sunday, April 27, 2008

Why do I love Free Form Crochet?

Sometimes I sit at the table, idle, not knowing what to do, because it's either late at night, or early in the morning. Oh, and on the weekend, when I really feel lazy.
I have yarns, threads, needles, bags, hooks everywhere, but nothing invites me for action. I have a summer sweater on the go, on knitting needles. It looks very inviting, but my fingers just don't want to get in to touching the work.
I am staring at the tencel yarn I bought yesterday at Knitter's Frolic. It's supposed to go with the tencel I had bought at CGOA Chain Link shows. The yarn was for a shawl, original plan! a knitted lace shawl. However, like so many other "I'm going to make"s the shawl never got started. Instead, I tested the yarn with a crochet hook; started with a little circle, which was looking quite interesting. I love variegated yarns, specially when I have no idea how the colors are going to travel.
A scrumble was born, and another, and another. Soon I had a small collection of scrumbles, done with my "shawl" yarn, mixed with some Clea thread. I decided that I needed a solid color to join the scrumbles together. Hence my trip to Knitter's Frolic. Those two cylinder like tubes in the picture of yarn and scrumbles are my finds at the Frolic. I am quite happy with my selection and of course have been crocheting all night and all this morning, until my fingers started rebelling.
why do I love FF Crochet?
1. One small amount of yarn will create stitches
2. Any hook is suitable for any kind of yarn: too big: no problem, the stitch is loopy, but gives
a touch of lightness; too small: no problem, gives a nice solid texture
3. too many stitches? skip one, skip two, and get a new design, after all, where is the pattern>
4. cupping? make a little mountain, or a dome, crochet around, and make a design out of the
5. curling? make a frilly part in your scrumble to give some excitement and continue with
flat part, or skip to another section.
6. change yarn as you wish
7. change stitch as you wish
8. perhaps a knitting needle would create a different stitch, and some rows of knitting
might give some new ideas, too
9. Yarns, cotton, wool, acrylic, silk, bamboo, fabric strips, ribbon, is there any end?
10. Time flies, when I am scrumbling.
There must be other reasons, but right now I want to get back to my scrumbling. Feel free to add to my list.


Anonymous said...

Dear Pirk--loved the blog today and you are so very right on every point.Thanks and have a great day.Kesam

Pirk said...

Thank You, Kesam!

Janet said...

Now you make me want to get out all my yarns and crochet hooks! And I just got my studio cleaned and organized!