Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Pattern overload

It is rather dangerous to start surfing when one has something special in mind. I was looking for a simple doll pattern, since I want to knit a small, skinny doll. Sure, I would know how to make it, but I thought that if I had a pattern in front of me, it would be easier to change it to my liking.

I found this Kimberley Chapman's Toy Link. Holy, petunia, what a treasure chest, or link, or what ever. I've been printing and saving for the last hour or so. Now I have to make up the lost time, since I am at work. Oh, yes, I do have some made-up time, like 20 hours. I do not feel guilty. Well, a little bit, because I am really busy at work. Let's say this is my lunch hour, so that I would feel better. Guilty feeling is a funny critter. It sits on your shoulder, even when you are not supposed to feel guilty. for example: I am having (not...this is just an example, OK) tummy pains. I feel nauseated, and want to go home and sleep. Well, no, I will not do that, because none of those symptoms show up on my face, and if I tell the boss that I'm not feeling good, and want to go home, immediately I would feel guilty. Isn't that just too sad.

Where was I? Oh, in the toy chest. I have books, I have magazines, printouts everywhere, but no, I still had to print these goodies from Kimberley's site.

How will I ever learn to concentrate on one thing at one time? I really want to finish my hoodie. The weather is going to start warm up, and my hoodie is very warm. I know, because when I work on it, it sits on my lap, and I start feeling so warm that I have to take the hoodie and put it on the table or somewhere where it does not make me feel warm.

I started making another hyperbolic plane last night. I didn't follow any patterns. Well, there really isn't any available, just general instructions for increases. I kept going and going and then I decided to finish the yarn that was in the ball. I still have to do the edging, and the HP is done.

I looked at it, and wondered, what am I going to do with this? What do we do with them? It does not go as a pin, because it's too big, it does not make a hat, because it's not shaped like that. Oh, this one is an open one. I didn't make a ring first, I made a chain link and started from that.
At one point it looked like a rainbow, but not any more. I'll post a picture later, I don't have my camera with me today.
Here is the HP

Now, here at work, I have with me: yarn and needles for a doll, almost finished HP, skein of RH yarn to make a 12" square for charity, and some silk/merino lace yarn for a freeform top.
I also now have a pile of printed patterns, a Crochet World magazine (I bought it yesterday, because it had a pattern for a fashion doll dress, and a nice bookmark), and Woman's Weekly magazine, January, 2008 (from England). That one has a knitting pattern for a Classic Guernsey sweater for a little boy. The smallest size is 3 (years?) which is perfect, my grandson is 6 months old, so by the time the sweater is done, considering the attention I pay on each project at one time, the kid will be perfect for this sweater. I am optimistic. Or, should I make it for a 4 year old?

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Janet said...

If I start surfing the pattern sites I can spend a whole lot of time. And mostly I save the patterns but never use them!!