Tuesday, March 11, 2008


Here we go again, sniping things from Janet's blog

1. How often do you go to the grocery store?
At least once a week, and then the little trips for items that I forgot to buy. Or bread, which
we do not forget to buy almost daily(the fresh Italian one). I had a bread maker, but it died, and now we buy the dang bread.

2. Do you love or hate going grocery shopping?
I like it when I want something sinful, but generally I love it when hubby does the shopping.
Oh, no, I love going to Loblaws, because they have an excellent selection of knitting magazines.

3. Where do you go?
Loblaws, No Frills, Dominion, Food Basics, Fruit stores

4. Are you a faithful list writer?
Not generally, just sometimes, when I have "nothing" in the fridge.

5. Do you write it but never remember to bring it?
Were you reading my mind here?

6. Do you use coupons?
I use coupons to fill my wallet. usually they are expired. I use coupons at McDonald's, and other fast food places (pizza)

7. What is something that you ALWAYS have in your fridge?
Nearly empty marmalade jars, light. Oh, and milk, margarine, cheese, one or two dried out veggies, pickled green tomatoes, some water, some juice, mustard...list goes on

8. What is the thing in your fridge that is a "guilty pleasure"?
right now nothing but it used to be ice-cream, but I have not had that since last September or
so. I'm fibbing, we have dulce de leche in there, and if I don't have anything sweet to eat, I spread that on a piece of bread and that is my pleasure.

9. What is that one or two things that you feel like you buy every single day?

10. What items do your children consume in ABUNDANCE.
My child does not live with me, he's got his own fridge and I have no idea what else is there other than milk and juice for his kids.

11. What's on your fridge?
Magnetic holder for towels, fridgies from places where we have been, a 2006 magnetic calendar,
a little crocheted piece my stepdaughter made, when she was learning how to crochet, a drawing my granddaughter made last year, some magnets with emergency numbers that probably aren't valid any more. There is an opener for milk bags, can/bottle opener, and kitchen scissors (they are in a little box that has magnet and sticks to the fridge wall) I do have to check what really is on it.

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Janet said...

Yay! You did the meme. I have a bread machine but I haven't used it in quite sometime. I used to use it just about every day. I'm not sure why I quit!