Monday, September 04, 2006

Second week in Finland

The morning was not too exciting. We had breakfast and lunch and worked on a crossword puzzle at home. YEAAA. Then, finally, we decided to go for a ride, towards a nearby seashore area, which is about an hour and some drive. First stop was in a small town, where we had a coffee and danish in a quaint little restaurant by the water. Of course we took some pictures. Here we are on the patio of the restaurant.

We went for shopping in one of the discount stores. I bought two balls of sock yarn, a tee shirt, and candies. I wanted to go to the center of that town, because I was there some 12 years ago, and I remembered that there was a beautiful yarn store. It was a red brick building, on a small "hill". There was no such building, no such hills. We drove thru the town three times, and no yarn store. Needless to say, I was miffed.

From there we headed towards my sister's family cottage by the sea. The water was calm, the sun was hiding, hence the pictures turned a bit
glum (sp?). Nevertheless, we enjoyed our little trip to the cottage. We sat inside, had some typical Finnish "donuts" (no hole) called "possu" (piggy), and red lemonade. We pretended to be kids at a summer camp.

From the cottage we headed towards another town, where we were supposed to find a clothing store, with beautiful and unusual garments. We ended up asking directions at a gas station.
I forgot to tell you that we were in the Swedish speaking area, and my Swedish has long gone. I do remember a few words, but not enough to ask where a particular store is. The poor girl didn't speak too much Finnish, and I asked if she wanted to talk English, but she ignored me, which made me think that she didn't speak that language.

We did not find the store, and the closing time for stores was near, so we decided to go back home.

I am not too disappointed about our shopping of today, because tomorrow we go to Keskinen, which is a large shopping place. We are not planning any shopping, it's a therapy trip for my sister, her friend and myself. Of course, if we find something that jumps into the shopping cart, we might consider accepting some items to come back home with us. In my case some extremely yummy cotton thread, which I am going to use for Irish Crochet. I already bought two skeins of it, but now want more. Sheesh.

Another thing, please forgive me if there are any typos that I didn't catch. this keyboard is weird (i before e, except after c.....weird????), and there are some fonts that truly interfere my excellent spelling skills (as if...)
This computer reads Finnish, and does not want to do the spell check in English, or I am too lazy (tired) to figure out how.

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