Thursday, September 07, 2006

About to go home

We (my sis and I) are leaving early in the morning. It is time for me to go back home. My sister is driving me (nuts) to Helsinki to my brother's place, and then he will take care of me until I go to the airport.

I had promised myself not to buy too much yarn, but promises are supposed to be broken, I believe. Well, I did. I bought tons of Novita Colori crochet thread, number 800. If you go and see the yarns, mine is towards the end of the page. I did buy some sock yarn, too. Not going to make socks, mind you, but thought that I might change my mind, after all, my promises seem to be just promises.

This one is my sister's dog, Wilma, who is waiting for me to go and throw the ball for her. She will bring the ball back, but it's a game to get the ball from her mouth.

They also have a cat, Julia, who does nothing else but sleep, eat and play with my yarn. My own cat doesn't play with my yarns, and when this Julia lady jumped on my lap, the first time, I thought that the cat was weird. Then I realized that she was not interested in my caressings, scratching her neck rituals, but just my yarn, sheeesshh. Just a normal cat. My own cat is abnormal then?

The cat picture was taken from upstairs. Julia's castle is at the bottom of the stairs. She did not care to pose for the picture, so this one is the best of my attempts. Sure, right after, when my camera was not ready, she came leisurely to see if there was any food for her, and then she disappeared.

I was not going to post more pictures, but this picture of Julia is so cute, I couldn't resist.


Sherri said...

I know what you mean - my last cat Reiley would sit on my lap and let the yarn run through her paw. She never bothered it, just liked to touch it :-)

I miss you so much sista - can't wait for you to come home so I can give you a big hug!


this is a cute pik of Julia...but where is the rest of her body?? hee sweet.